Terminología. Los arrays unidimensionales se conocen con el nombre de vectores. Los arrays bidimensionales se conocen con el nombre de matrices. Un arreglo bidimensional llamado b con dos filas y dos columnas, podría Arreglos bidimensionales con filas de distintas longitudes La forma en que Java. Una de las formas matemáticas más ampliamente usada para expresar este de combustión modelada con la geometría del dominio bidimensional mostrado.


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After a pioneering study of Jamaican coral reefs, the Cuban archipelago was the second to be surveyed by SCUBA for scleractinian formas bidimensionales and reef life to a depth of 90m, sampling all phenotypes.

Imagenes Bidimensionales y Tridimensionales by nohemi cano on Prezi

Regrettably, the published data on the mesophotic coral ecosystems MCEs of Cuba, collected tohave been ignored. These two investigations described immense areas exhibiting a rich continuum of coral life, from shallow reefs into MCEs without scleractinian faunal break, and no depth-specialists species complex.

Instead, a morphological changeover of three-dimensional corallum into two-dimensional corallum was observed and documented. The existing data on the Cuban and Mexican MCEs now 45 and 34 years old, respectively present a unique opportunity for long-term status and ecosystem trends analysis.

MCEs require terminological clarification from collaborative efforts to effectively use the globally available data. Mesophotic coral ecosystems, Scleractinia, Cuba, Mexico.

Investigations on mesophotic coral ecosystems in Cuba and Mexico After the exploration of Jamaican coral reefs by Thomas F. Goreau in the s and s Wells,the immense Cuban coral reef system was the second on the planet to be investigated by SCUBA, examining Scleractinia life to a depth of formas bidimensionales.

Unaccountably, even in their cruise work and report on Cuba, Reed et al. The data upended not only this understanding, but also revealed an extraordinary and formas bidimensionales coral phenotypic variability, which was neglected by the conventional Caribbean Scleractinia taxonomy.


Series of specimens demonstrated gradual morphological continuity between nominal species, and some coralla displayed in their different parts the formas bidimensionales of more formas bidimensionales one species. This led to massive phenotypic sampling, as a first step toward reliable taxonomy.

The formas bidimensionales of forma as an infraspecific category called into question the existing 28 Zlatarski, V. The conventional notion of coral species as a static unity excluded dynamism, its basic evolutionary character.


The taxa of each station were assigned to three categories in accordance with their abundance in the scleractinian community: The boundary between shallow-water reefs and MCEs m.

Instead, a habitat-originated change of corallum morphology was observed, with a predominance in MCEs of platy, shingle-like and small mounds colonies. A shift of three-dimensional into two-dimensional corallum shape was evidenced corallum shift 3D into 2D. Markedly, in MCEs, phenotypic corallum spectrum and the presence of bimorphic colonies were poorer.

Species richness and abundance, together formas bidimensionales vertical taxa distribution data Figs. Originally, this species was assigned to Mycetophyllia Wells, formas bidimensionales, but its lack of ridges and valleys evoked a question.

Some dwellers in shallow reefs were not found in MCEs and could be considered as shallow-reef index specialists species. Their absence could be used as a suggestive sign for MCEs.

Mathematical Physics

Observed at a depth of 90m, an intensely red Montastraea cavernosa was the deepest found Scleractinia Fig. For the first time, the seamount Banco de San Antonio was visited and sampled—a location with strong current, favorable for Formas bidimensionales dwellers.

At formas bidimensionales, its top was inhabited by luxurious and diverse coral life Fig. In Cuba, the upper zone of the MCE varied vertically depending on geomorphology formas bidimensionales local conditions. No epizootic phenomena were established.

Because of this, the same sampling strategy was applied, with attention to coral variability and documentation of relative abundance as in the previous study in Cuba.