Operate a flexo folder gluer for repeat work in the corrugated packaging industry Unit , Make ready and run an automatic straight line folder gluer in the. Flexo Folder Gluer Systems. Improve on accuracy and speed with long-lasting belts made with your requirements in mind. In the box folding industry, it's about. Overview of MarquipWardUnited's Flexo Folder Gluer equipment line, which boasts the highest standards of safety, reliability, and durability in the industry.


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This Hycorr machine is capable of running 4-color process work, bold print, and full coverage printing.

SMC can provide quality direct print alternatives through utilizing a collaborative effort with our graphic design team and select vendor partners.

Stored flexo folder gluer and run parameters, full plant scheduling system, and quick setups make this a valuable addition to our flexo folder gluer capabilities — enabling high speed production to meet increasing demands and expectations of our customer base.

Automatan Model High-speed label application to corrugated doubleface is a perfect complement to SMC's graphic flexo folder gluer. As an alternative to our digital, direct print, or pre-print options, the Automatan can provide a mid-volume point-of purchase alternative with great results.

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Ideal for kraft paperboard printing. Intelligent design and smooth linear processes maximizes production speeds, minimizes labor and achieves the best ROI for corrugated packaging plants.


The Jet is generally used in applications where fast response time and positional accuracy are imperative. Closed Loop Glue Detection Our patented On-Target intelligent detection and correction technology automatically keeps the glue line positioned exactly on-target at any speed.

This technology enables accurate gluing and is flexo folder gluer available from W. All data contained in the systems' production reports are sent through flexo folder gluer iQ network, creating archived data and allowing tracking capabilities for basic or sophisticated production analysis.

Standard production reports such as job tracking, production totals, total waste, down codes and defects are provided through the software. Flexo folder gluer reports may also be generated based on specific plant criteria. Each of the flexo folder gluer default reports can be customized by the click of a mouse, making the program easy to run and eliminating the need for any in-house programming expertise.