Fai bei sogni è la storia di un segreto celato in una busta per quarant'anni. La storia di un bambino, e poi di un adulto, che imparerà ad affrontare il dolore più. Torino si trasforma in un set fotografico e questa volta per fare da teatro a una delle storie più amate e apprezzate dai torinesi: "Fai bei sogni". This is the real story of Italian journalist Massimo Gramellini and it's adapted from Gramellini's novel Sweet Dreams, Little One. On screen.


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Sweet Dreams, Little One by Massimo Gramellini looks at how the loss of a mother affects a young man from boyhood to manhood and I feel has the power to be that book for someone.

Released by publishers Alma Books in fai bei sogni gramellini format in it was also released in paperback in Alma Books Ltd 15 Jan. What exactly happened to her is shrouded in mystery, and it is this that confuses him. The grown-up Massimo becomes a political and war journalist, and in this profession he finds death on fai bei sogni gramellini path often, particularly during a stint in war-torn Sarajevo.

Old wounds keep getting ripped open, as he tries to deal with death and exactly what happened that one night.

The story, even if true, could lead to big, overly melodramatic moments in the hands of a lesser director. In the Italian version, the book is titled: Fai bei sogni that I translated into Have beautiful dreams.

I really hope the book will be translated into Fai bei sogni gramellini because this is the story about a silence and a secret, namely two ways to deny reality or reject it by preferring the illusion to the grief.

But silence is only a deception of the soul, because children sense everything around them fai bei sogni gramellini without the truth, they grow shy and with low self esteem.

Fai bei sogni by caterina ceccarelli on Prezi

This, indeed, was the life of Massimo, a child, first, and then fai bei sogni gramellini boy, who has been forced to work hard to become a man capable to accept what happened during his childhood.

Because acceptance is the only way to grow up and learn to love ourselves and others.

He writes to the newspaper asking for advice, and Massimo is assigned to answer. Though the tale gets a humorous bite at the end, the damage has been done, and mawkishness overwhelms the half-hearted corrective. The Match Factory, Cologne.