Hi, I'm planning to run a E D&D game set in Eberron for 10th level characters and above. I have some beginning of a plot in Xen'drik and  Eberron Mark of Heroes and Xen'Drik Expeditions Adventure List. Explore Garrett Dale's board "Eberron - Xen'drik" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fantasy characters, Character art and Character design. Charles said: Stuff I Read D&D Edition – Secrets of Xen'drikHere is another of the first round of Eber Secrets of Xen'drik (Eberron Supplement).


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Eberron: Xen'drik

Xen'drik is now a continent mostly inhabited by drow, and degenerate Giants, eberron xen drik from their glorious empire of the past. It is a wild and untamed place with fabulous eldritch machines along with unimaginable treasures, still largely unexplored.

South of Xen'drik is the land mass of Everice. The effect is that adventurers will find that maps sometimes fail them.

Xen'drik - Wikipedia

On the positive side, sometimes the curse will cause a person to arrive where they need to be earlier than they anticipated. Or even better, eberron xen drik curse can cause a treasure seeker to find an unexplored ruin filled with treasure. No one knows what causes the curse.


Regions This section is a stub. You can help us by expanding it.

The jungles of Xen'drik dominate the north-east of the continent. Less helpful but still fairly interesting were the sample ideas for adventures.

Because I like to make my own, I really doubt that I will use the ideas, but there might be something in there that I can use in a story of my own, and eberron xen drik adventure ideas sometimes spurs my mind into thinking of different adventure ideas.

As such, the maps and such are just examples and while they can be used they go more to show the kind of things that can be found in the reaches eberron xen drik the jungles, tundra, and deserts.

Secrets of Xen'drik (Eberron Supplement)

Some tribes eberron xen drik any who attempt to reach Xen'drik; others work as guides, often trading, assisting, and negotiating deals with explorers and merchants. Xen'drik was once home to a civilization of giantswith whom the dragons risked sharing ancient magical secrets.

This civilization fell into ruin due to a Quori invasion, an elven rebellion and then a war against the dragons of Argonnessen some forty thousand years ago. Current publication suggests these Quori were neutral or good aligned as opposed to the evil Quori of the current era and refugees from an unknown cataclysm in Dal Quor who were assaulted by the giants.

Dragons of Eberron further suggests that by the time of eberron xen drik elven rebellion, the giants had become so corrupt that they turned to nihilism and decided to destroy the world if they couldn't rule it, at which point the dragons decided to destroy them.

Xen'Drik is a huge part of the Eberron Campaign setting, and as such it has a whole book, Secrets of Xen'drik dedicated to it. It is a very unmapped area, and as such it leaves the continent open to the DM to fill with whatever he feels appropriate.

Think of it as a huge gray area where you can throw any of your original locations or adventure sites that may not fit on the main continent of Khorvaire. It also gives eberron xen drik bunch of Prestige Classes, monsters, items, yadda yadda.