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Determining when or where this impressive hoard of qualifications were obtained is remarkably difficult [9] largely due to the fact Coldwell is quite determinedly tight-lipped on the whole subject and the claims vary from dr leonard coldwell deutsch bullshit website to the next.

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In written evidence for an ill-fated Dr leonard coldwell deutsch defamation case see below Coldwell uncharacteristically and probably unwisely let slip a few details about his credentials.

He claimed to have a doctorate in psychology from Columbia State University which sounds impressive enough until you discover Columbia State University is, or rather was, a diploma mill operated by stage hypnotist Ronald "Dr Dante" Pellar.

Columbia State University dr leonard coldwell deutsch closed by court order in when "Dr Dante" got 67 months in the big house on a string of dishonesty charges.

Dr leonard coldwell deutsch absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence in cases like this, an internet search for the exact term "Virginia Health University of Delaware" almost entirely produces only hits which relate solely to Leonard Coldwell.

Coldwell is the proud holder of an honorary Doctor of Humanities award from the "Non Accreditedbut very prestigious, Louisiana Baptist University.

It is also interesting to note that, despite the degree's reasonably having been attained at various points in time, all photos attached to his 'certificates' are identical. His case was based on the fact that Paetoe-Frose, an anti-cult activist, dr leonard coldwell deutsch described his NAPS psychobabble self-improvement system as having some of the characteristics of a Scientology -like cult and, bizarrely, her continuing to refer to dr leonard coldwell deutsch in the present tense as Bernd Klein had in some way damaged his business.


Eventually the court accepted the case when Coldwell used a German 'Care of Momma Coldwell' address but bumped the claim down from 50,DM to 5,DM which deprived him not only of the possibility of dr leonard coldwell deutsch extra 45,DM but also the chance to be heard in a high-level court.

In effect his claim was kicked down to a small-claims court where nobody really gave a toss. In a spectacularly whiney and delusional submission to the court Coldwell used his dr leonard coldwell deutsch point of view as a professor of psychology " to claim Ms Paetow-Frose was "in dire need of psychiatric evaluation", was a schizophrenica "danger to the community" and a chain-smoker.

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Quite what being a chain-smoker has to do with a defamation suit can only be guessed dr leonard coldwell deutsch as can the reaction of the court to such a bizarre stream of nonsense.

In a submission to the court in support of Paetow-Frose a genuine German behavioural scientist and cults expert Hansjorg Hemmingher described Coldwell's "only integrated self-help system" NAPS as being essentially the same as Neuro-linguistic programming and not much more than positive thinking.

Hemmingher went on to describe Coldwell's letter to the court stating his case against Paetow-Frose as "irrational" and "bewildering" and also comments on his inexplicable citing of irrelevant product liability law. He then went on to describe Coldwell himself as having an "irrationally ideal self-image", being an "illusory self-publicist" and dr leonard coldwell deutsch man who "reacts highly aggressively to any form of criticism and questioning".

He also described Coldwell's professional qualification as a psychologist as being "in doubt", which is putting it mildly. In Germany, his diploma-mill psychology doctorate would be utterly worthless as indeed it is elsewhere and without a genuine degree and years of therapeutic work, he would have no right to describe himself as a psychologist.

The Germans are sticklers for formalities like dr leonard coldwell deutsch having the qualifications you claim to have, particularly when you are claiming to be a physician. As a part of his claim, Coldwell produced a self-penned puff piece to the court based on claims made on his NAPS website that he had acted as a consultant to IBM, Lufthansa and other top ranking companies.

When a German TV channel did an item on him and checked his claims they turned out to be untrue and he nuked his website post haste. It is worth noting at this point that in his submission to the court he was laying claim to being a psychologist, a university professor, an author, a publisher, a management consultant and dr leonard coldwell deutsch music producer.

Leonard Coldwell

References to his 16 years in general practice, his hospitals, his dr leonard coldwell deutsch, cured patients and his Perhaps he forgot or, perhaps, these claims only first appeared many years after he had fled the country and he thinks people can't put two and two together dr leonard coldwell deutsch make four… Who can say?

Kevin Trudeau and the Global Information Network pyramid scheme[ edit ] For many years Coldwell and convicted felon Kevin Trudeau were loving partners in a mutual masturbation admiration relationship making Hallmark Moment infomercials interviewing each other and telling the world how wonderful they each were.

In Coldwell was given the bum's rush from the very lucrative Global Information Network pyramid scheme by his erstwhile BFF and has spent the time since their messy divorce telling everybody who will listen what a con dr leonard coldwell deutsch Trudeau is, how G.

In a stunning tribute to Coldwell's incompetence and inability to keep his story straight, many of their declarations of love for each other can still be found on his own websites often on the same page as his bitchiness and back-stabbing.


According to Lenny the IBMS is "endorsed by every significant physician and healer" and has "seen almost 65, patients". Described as "a private, exclusive, members-only US-based secret society.

Be assured that you will not be billed if your membership application is rejected. Promotion to higher levels will inevitably result in further non-refundable charges.

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Swanson health products[ edit ] Coldwell is a regular feature of cringe-inducing contrived interviews on the YouTube channel 'ihealthtube' which belongs to IhealthTube.

He began dr leonard coldwell deutsch his patients how to relax and let go of anxiety, frustration and tension. Ultimately, Dr Coldwell discovered the mind-body connection. If you train your mind to let go of stress, your body will release its stress too.