Since , Doug Marks has been helping guitarists learn the ins and outs of metal guitar playing with his Metal Method instruction videos. Most guitar players have, at the very least, heard the name Metal Method. For three decades, instructor Doug Marks has been teaching. : Doug Marks Metal Method Guitar Lessons - Songwriting Series 4 VHS Tapes: Movies & TV.


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Read More Stage Four: Includes weeks thirty-eight to forty-eight.

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The original course was created in and revised the following doug marks metal method. Originally recorded on audio cassette, now available on audio CD. The excitement of that time is here for those of you that want to look back and remember.


Read More Complete Course This was the first video version of the course. This was the first major revision of the course recorded a decade after the original.

doug marks metal method Was there a reason why you decided to stick with Metal Method instead of doing more recording and touring with Hawk? When I started Hawk, Metal Method was already becoming a successful business.

I was already married at the time and had a serious business developing. It got to a point where I was just spending too much time and doug marks metal method trying to manage the situation. It was then that I decided that it was better for me to focus on Metal Method.

Metal Method Doug Marks | Harmony Central

Would I have liked to have been in a band, writing music and touring? Yes, no doubt; that was originally my motivation. But at the same time, I still continue to be involved in doug marks metal method and have been doing this a lot longer than anyone.

Many other musicians that played during the mid-'80s are no longer in the music business. Metal Method allows me to continue to play, record, perform and teach.

Metal Method Guitar Instructor Doug Marks - Creator of the Metal Method

I do still write and aspire to one day do another project. It was a picture of Doug Marks and an advertisement doug marks metal method his Metal Method guitar lessons.

So, over the next few years I supplemented my weekly guitar lessons by purchasing all eight of the initial lessons and immersing myself in playing chords and leads geared towards the style of music I wanted doug marks metal method play. The thing I loved the most about Metal Method was the fact that there was always something you could use to make you better.

It's Your Turn In the Spotlight

If you listen to Eddie do it, you say to yourself: After the move to LA, I had students back in Denver who still wanted lessons. So I started putting together some packages to send back to doug marks metal method.

I decided to sell a few guitars, buy some ads and see what I could do. What satisfies you the most about Metal Method after all these years?

Metal Method Doug Marks

I hear a lot of different stories from people who took my lessons and tell me it changed their lives. Doug marks metal method never get tired of hearing them. So I was there rehearsing with a roadie playing bass and another member who was in pretty rough shape too.