Doing Grammar by Professor of English Max Morenberg, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Doing Grammar is a practical and lively guide to discovering how the English language works. Using strong visuals and an engaging style, Max Morenberg. "Doing Grammar makes grammar concepts easy for anyone to understand."--Isabel Serrano, Ball State University. "Morenberg manages to teach grammar in a.


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Morenberg builds on each foundation in each chapter, and as he progresses through doing grammar morenberg chapters, he slowly gives you more complex information, bit by bit, building, but only after laying the foundation on top of less complex terms and structures.

Morenberg literally makes grammar easy because he doesn't plunge right into the jargon and platitudes "write clearly," "don't use passives" what if someone doesn't know what a passive is? How can that person avoid it? doing grammar morenberg

If you are uncomfortable with grammatical terms, jargon, and the like, seriously read this book. You'll feel like a god after.

He draws upon doing grammar morenberg outlook in defining the two central ideas of Doing Grammar -- the "grammar machine" which permits the production of "an infinite number of doing grammar morenberg from a small number of constituents" and the "combining excercise" which allows students of grammar "to combine two sentences into one in as many ways as they can" ix.

These two ideas are, of course, not original with Doing grammar morenberg but his keeping them in focus throughout the book provides it with clear grounding and framework and keeps the immediacy and productivity of grammar always in sight. Doing Grammar has, if anything, become even more "user-friendly" in its new edition.


It still offers a lot of exercises at the end of each chapter and some selected answers in the Appendix to help the students check their own responses to the questions. Doing grammar morenberg sample sentences remain lively and topical; again, they are even more vigorous and engaging than those in the first edition.


Some emphasize current issues "O. As Morenberg points out, they are all "real sentences" xand they have that feel. The chart summary of the verb types gives the student a doing grammar morenberg anchor for the discussion of sentence formation in the subsequent chapters.

LINGUIST List Morenberg: Doing Grammar, 2nd Ed.

This symmetry makes the book easier to follow, key elements easier to remember. The point about how indirect objects can "perceive as well as doing grammar morenberg is a useful indicator of their function which I plan to draw upon in future teaching.

At times those of us teaching grammar despair of the terms we are stuck with from Latin- based grammars, yet they are difficult to escape. Morenberg's book brings together "traditional principles" with "contemporary formulations" x ; he employs, for example, the term "tense" for verbs but also uses the terms "modality" and "aspect" as "closely related grammatical concepts that overlap with real-world time but aren't always the same thing" This viewpoint helps clarify an issue that, in my experience, many students find confusing.

Contributing to the casual, unbuttoned approach are the anecdotes like the one concerning the "longest sentence" which allows Morenberg to comment on the limitations of diagramming and the complex permutations of sentence formation ; analogies; the occasional useful test like the one in Chapter doing grammar morenberg on identifying subjects and predicates ; the odd bit of editorial assurance "Try not to let all this confuse you" 38 ; slogans and ads "It's Consistency, Stupid!

Doing Grammar - Paperback - Max Morenberg - Oxford University Press

As Morenberg shamelessly professes, "Well, if it works for you. These elements, along with the attention to clarity of language, contribute to making the teaching of grammar -- referred to with distaste by my doing grammar morenberg teacher as "Old Boredom" - more engaging and hence more effective.


However, at times the informality of Morenberg's language is doing grammar morenberg for this reviewer -- jarring to the ear.

He frequently uses "more clear": Also, I object to the usage "different than" which should logically be "different doing grammar morenberg or "other than," although this may be a losing battle.

Beginning sentences with coordinating conjunctions has become common practice in informal writing, but one would hope that a grammarian would avoid it.

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