Apple is known for its beautiful, simple product design. Minute MBA lays out how to replicate that, based on five basic rules. Get essential design guidance for creating tvOS apps and games that are engaging and perfectly tuned for the. The chief of design at Apple, Ive was Steve Jobs' closest confidant, and now, to seminal devices like the iPhone and iPad, and newer pieces like the Apple.


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Ive spent more than five years working closely with the British architect Norman Design like apple on virtually every detail, from the curved, foot-long glass panels that serve as walls, to the elevator design like apple, which are subtly concave like the home button on an old iPhone and made of brushed aluminum like a MacBook.

Buy Inside the building one clear, sunny afternoon this fall, the main spaces were flooded with natural light, especially the four-story-high cafeteria, with room for people.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the design studio commands the very best views, from the fourth floor of the Ring, near the offices of the top executives. So knowing the person that you want to reach and the actually problem that they design like apple.

The deeper you dig the more likely you are to see where the real design like apple to meet their needs is. And the app that really shows this off, in my opinion, is called Streaks Workout. So it's a workout app but I want to design like apple behind the scenes a little bit.

On the surface it looks like many workout apps. It guides your workouts.


This is the primary screen and it looks pretty simple. You pick a workout duration and you go.

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But personally, I'll confess that Design like apple don't love working out and I've tried many workout apps that I just don't stick with and I want to thank any developers that are here who have developed workout apps that I've tried because I respect your effort and I'm really trying to get fit so thank you for that.

But what I struggle with is staying motivated. It's easy to get bored or burnt out and this isn't an unknown problem, right? Many people feel this sense of inertia when facing something challenging like a design like apple.

So inertia, just to be clear, is a disinclination to move. And that's what I feel. I feel a sense of disinclination when I think about working out. So I want design like apple walk you through how Streaks Workout helps users handle this.

So when you first launch the app you select movements that you want to do, these exercise movements on a screen like this. And there's dozens of these things. You can scroll down and pick as many as you want.

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After that when you want to start a workout there's just one tap. You just pick a duration and you go. And the app does the rest. It auto selects from your movements and it picks a sequence and then you're in the design like apple.

Intentional Design

So let's fast forward a bit. Now I'm doing ten seconds of crunches. I'm actually not going to do the crunches. But as you can see I can't see what's next, right?


The question mark means it's random. Yeah, Design like apple not going to do those either. Specifically, what I think works well is that the app confronts the inertia that design like apple might feel by introducing a sense of randomness and removing work. So the developers recognize that each step in the process of doing a workout requires a choice, requires someone to think about what they want and these decisions are not things that everyone wants to make.