The award-winning film 'Dekada 70' is back, this time not on the silver screen, but onstage. Directed by Chito S. Roño, this adaptation of Lualhati Bautista's prize-winning novel Dekada 70 chronicles a middle-class Filipino family who. Summary of dekada Bartolome family has their blissful and normal life before entering the 70's. The head of the family, Julian Bartolome together with his.


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Dekada sitenta are married but days after the wedding, they have an argument for being the Bartolome's figure of shame. Jason shows his mother the report card but his grades just went down. But despite that, he dekada sitenta that during the first period, there was a high value of time.

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Jules came dekada sitenta late and confessed to his family dekada sitenta Willy had been tortured to death for staying past curfew. Jules wanted to go to Bicol to join the communist group the NPA for his exposure trip despite his mother's opposition.

InEvelyn gave birth to a baby girl and the same day, Gani went to the United States after he was enlisted at the US Navy while Evelyn went back to her mother.


The next day, Dekada sitenta left for Bataan for his interview and then two days later the Bartolome dekada sitenta went to the beach in the afternoon. It is then revealed that Evelyn and Gani had already separated the day Gani left for the United States.

Reaction of the Last Samurai and Reaction of Dekada Sitenta Essay Sample

dekada sitenta InJules brought a wounded friend home to have a bullet extracted from his leg, as bringing him to a hospital would arouse too much suspicion. A few days later, he began to hangout with Emmanuel and at the following day, Jules left the house again realizing that he cannot stay there for long.

Dekada sitentaBingo celebrates his birthday and they throw a birthday party in his family house until night.


And after a couple of months without returning to his house, Jules was revealed to have been married to Mara Ana Capri and they dekada sitenta have a baby boy.

At night, they burn Jules' anti-government pamphlets for fear of being arrested by who they think are the military but are actually a group of harmless carolers. Ina group of soldiers arrive at their house for the search and arrest order led by Jules, who had just become a political officer.

The next day, Amanda and Bingo release two of their own pet birds to fly away for their dekada sitenta, but they know that those birds will come back to them. At night there is a phone call, and Emmanuel is shocked because Jules is subsequently sent to prison after his friend betrays them by revealing himself to be an undercover government operative.

He also survived from torture but instead he was electrified and made to sleep on and ice box while in front of an electric fan while naked. At Christmas Day, Jason went home late from caroling and he learns that there was no curfew, but he wants to have a date with his girlfriend, Bernadette tomorrow but his mother told to him that he can have a date with her anytime but not during Christmas Day.

InAmanda learns that Jason was missing, she and her husband went to many police dekada sitenta to look for their missing son all night long. And they learned that Jason was imprisoned for possession of marijuana dekada sitenta he was released for a few moments later and he was still missing.

Emmanuel went to dekada sitenta friend and he said that there were three policemen who stabbed a young man dekada sitenta death, tying up his hands and salvage him to the dump. When he came home silently, he engaged in a private talk with his father while a saddened Amanda sat down on the chair.

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While hearing loud cries, the young man was revealed to be Jason who was stabbed to death and Amanda faints. At his funeral, Gani recently came back from the United States to attend his wake, the three brothers went to his body crying.

Bingo was still sad because he thought that he was still mad at him, he said that Dekada sitenta wanted to introduce Jason to her parents during Christmas Day but he died. dekada sitenta

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Amanda and her friends went to Jason's grave and she convinces that it is best for her dekada sitenta live without her own children because dekada sitenta thought that her children can die early, she began to cry and she said that Jason wasn't a bad person.

For Jules, Gani deciding he wants to join the U. Especially for the elder kids, notably Jules and Eman, who both become radicalised, anti-American, anticolonial and anti-dictatorship nationalists as the decade rolls through and over their lives, but the other boys' lives are drastically changed in this decade as well as with Gani, who gravitates more toward the neocolonial Americans when seeking a job, at least in part because he has to support the family he accidentally created with his knocking up Evelyn.

Isagani was named after Amanda's favourite cousin, who died in the line of duty as a cop. Though she doesn't say whether her cousin died before her son was born. The overweening flavour is Type 2, given Washington's support of the Marcos regime and American Mega Corps effectively monopolising Filipino production and consumption, which quite reasonably dekada sitenta the radicalisation of Jules and Eman.

Jules is put on the receiving end of a lot of this. The movie shows various student demonstrations pillorying the Americans as dekada sitenta as Marcos for their imperialist actions.

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