Ernesto, the narrator of Deep Rivers, is a child with origins in two worlds. While Arguedas poetry was published in Quechua, he invented a language for his. This is truly superb writing. Arguedas' story of a young boy caught between the worlds of indigenous Quechua pantheism and mestizo "high" culture is both. Deep Rivers (Spanish: Los ríos profundos) is the third novel by Peruvian writer José María Arguedas. It was published by Losada in Buenos Aires in ,  Published in English‎: ‎


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Deep rivers

For the boy Ernesto, salvation is his world of dreams and memories. Stone and Lime Gossip runs rampant about how the rioters will be punished, about whether the Indians will add to the riot by deep rivers arguedas the cane fields and the haciendas.

Quarters are spruced up for the troop regiment that arrives. He saw the beauty of the Peruvian landscape, as well as the grimness of social conditions in the Andes, through the eyes of the Indians who are a part of it. Ernesto, the narrator of Deep Rivers, deep rivers arguedas a child with origins in two worlds.

A text of Arguedas which was published in in the form of autobiography Las Moradas, vol. deep rivers arguedas

The World's Literature: Korea - Peru: Deep Rivers. José Maria Arguedas (showing of 4)

In Arguedas wrote the essay 'The novel and the problem of literary expression in Peru' La novela y el problema de la expresion literaria en el Peruin which he announced the existence of the novel deep rivers arguedas.

The push to complete the novel emerged years later inwhile conducting ethnographic fieldwork in the Mantaro Valley. deep rivers arguedas

He then worked hard to its completion. Some deep rivers arguedas of ethnographic study were attached to the story, such as the etymological explanation of 'zumbayllu' or magical spinning top.

Plot[ edit ] The novel describes the maturation process of Ernesto, a year-old who must confront the injustices of deep rivers arguedas adult world that he becomes a part of, and who is required to take sides.

The story begins in Cuzco, where Ernesto and his father Gabriel arrive. Gabriel, an itinerant lawyer, is looking for a rich relative called 'El Viejo' the old onein order to ask deep rivers arguedas work and shelter.

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But he does not succeed. He then recommences his wanderings through many cities and villages of southern Peru.


In Abancay, Ernesto is enrolled as a boarder at a religious school while his father continues his travels in search of work. Ernesto then has to live with the boarding students who are a microcosm deep rivers arguedas Peruvian society and where cruel and violent behaviour is the norm.