This document lists specifications for the USB : National Instruments USB Bit, 48kS/s Low-Cost multifunction DAQ: Computers & Accessories. In the following only the name USB is used. Special USB features are described separately. The NI USB is a USB based data acquisition.


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In the following only the name USB is used. Special USB features are described separately. The price is NOK.

Voltage range is 0 - 5V fixed. Digital input DI and digital output DO: These 12 channels are organized in ports, with Port 0 having lines 0.

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Input low is between Input high is between 2. Output low is below 0. Output high is above 2V with open-drain and push-pull as options.

National Instruments NI USB Low-cost Multifunction DAQ | eBay

USB has only open-drain output. Counting on falling edge. On-board voltage sources available at individual terminals: The latter daq usb 6009 available on the CD shipped with the device, and can alternatively be downloaded for free from http: The following relevant documents can be found at daq usb 6009 This document shows in detail how USB must be connected to external signals for measurement or control.

In general, differential signal daq usb 6009 is preferrable to single ended coupling due to better DC noise suppression. P0 is port 0, and P1 is port 1. In this dialog window, select the option for automatic install.

When the wizard has daq usb 6009 the installation of the driver software, the USB is ready for use after you click Finish Norwegian: The wizard has finished the installation of the driver software, and daq usb 6009 USB is ready for use, after you click Finish Norwegian: You may therefore select one of the upper two options.

However, here I assume that you select Cancel.

TechTeach: A quick guide to National Instruments USB and USB multifunction I/O devices

Figure 7 shows MAX. Assuming that MAX recognizes the device, you can now run a self-test of it by selecting Self-Test in the menu. Hopefully the self-test passes without errors. Then, you should test the individual channels of the USB to check that the input signals are detected correctly by the USB, daq usb 6009 that the output signals generated by the USB have correct values.

Here, let us test analog output channel 0 AO0 and daq usb 6009 analog input channel 0 AI0 to see if they work correctly.