STILISTIKA GENETIK STUDI KASUS PENGGUNAAN GAYA BAHASA DALAM CERPEN "GODLOB" KARYA DANARTO. Danarto born 27 June in Sragen Central Java is an Indonesian writer and artist His father was Danarto Cerpen Godlob Karya Danarto Remaja Sampit. Jump to Anthology of Godlob - At the beginning of this Godlob anthology there is a preface Danarto actually cursed our tendency to desperately cling to.


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His words were encouraging, leading me to continue to write my wayang story.

One of the reasons I did so was I because knew that the story would be illustrated by Danarto himself. For example, if I was danarto godlob some tengkleng from the warung in front of the Cikini swimming pool, I would go to pay and the seller would say: Danarto godlob, who was busy talking at the next table, had already paid for it.

His attitude to money was different from that of most people. I should have given it to her immediately.

Godlob : kumpulan cerita pendek

But, by the time I realised this she had already got off. Hal itu dibuktikan dengan kehadirannya tahun pada Festival Penyair Internasional di Rotterdam, Belanda. Pada tahun kumpulan cerpennya dihimpun dalam satu buku yang berjudul Godlob yang diterbitkan oleh Rombongan Dongeng dari Dirah.

Karya sastra Danarto yang danarto godlob pernah dimuat dalam majalah Budaya dan Westerlu danarto godlob yang terbit di Australia.

“DANARTO” Puisi Dalam “GODLOB” … 2

Dalam bidang film ia pun banyak memberikan sumbangannya yang besar, yaitu sebagai penata dekorasi. Danarto godlob mother, named Siti Aminah, was small batik trader in the market.

His work is well known; especially a collection of short stories: In Danarto accepted the Ahmad Bakrie Danarto godlob for literature.

Through this mujahadah process one will gain inspiration for trying to get the eyes of the basirah, the inspiration that he got is with the Supreme Nature that is with the permission of Allah SWT. Anthology danarto godlob Berhala The danarto godlob of Berhala shows that the author is increasingly familiar with the Islamic literary tradition, typically sufism literature.

Familiarity can be seen in the aesthetic insights that underlie the writing of the story.


Although Danarto discloses social problems that are always encountered danarto godlob society such as corruption, high-level scandals, nepotism, abuse of power and gap between generations but the stories presented are coated danarto godlob displaying transcendent shadows of nature.

In this danarto godlob the social and transcendental dimensions are completely incorporated in accordance with the tradition of Sufi literature which is an important renewal in the history of short story writing in Indonesia.

That is the creator of universe determine fate and destiny of human being.

Inside Indonesia

Man is just designing and Allah Almighty is in charge of danarto godlob. Apparently Danarto in his collection of short stories that now want to present upright in the midst of turmoil and symptoms in society. Watching her comments sometimes invites her to laugh too.


Yet it always closes with a kind of warning that man is unpredictable, for he is danarto godlob of a great scenario beyond his power. Perhaps with this assumption we may still put Danarto as 'transcendental' writer, a writer who still follows a Wahdat al-Wujud principle.

Thus the turn of the world he creates in his stories is still in order to understand and also to glorify the mystery of the danarto godlob of the Creator, Allah Almighty.

Danarto (Author of Godlob)

Anthology of Gergasi The anthology of Gergasi consists of 13 short stories written in The conversation continues into the question of signs of God's presence through His power. The signs are a sign danarto godlob humans should always remember Allah SWT.

The friendship continues until finally the trees are deliberated to ask about themselves being asked to confer on the desire of Allah SWT to show his presence danarto godlob the time ashar.

The short story of "Dinding Ayah" tells about father's desire to be alone from life in this world and want to get closer to the creator that is Allah SWT. He has alienated himself into a kitchen space in his house to make the residents feel restless and anxious with the actions of the father.