In questo ASCII esteso, i caratteri aggiunti sono vocali accentate, simboli La tabella seguente è relativa al codice US ASCII, ANSI X (ISO per pc desktop Tabella del codice ASCII standard ed esteso. SNAP hardware: everything for printing and reading barcodes. Labels, printers, scanners and handheld computers. Zebra technologies, honeywell metrologic.


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Codice Ascii Standard, Esteso, Caratteri Speciali HTML

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message ASCII was designed in the s for teleprinters and telegraphyand some computing.

Early teleprinters were electromechanical, codice ascii esteso no microprocessor and just enough electromechanical memory to function.

ASCII Converter - Hex, decimal, binary, base64, and ASCII converter

They fully processed one character at a time, returning to codice ascii esteso idle state immediately afterward. They were typewriter-derived impact printersand could only print a fixed set of glyphs, which were cast into a metal type element or elements.

ASCII encodes only 95 carefully selected printable characters 94 glyphs and one spacewhich include the English alphabet uppercase and lowercasedigits, and 31 punctuation marks and symbols: The number of printable characters was deliberately kept small, to codice ascii esteso teleprinters and line printers inexpensive.

Some popular peripherals only implemented a printing-character subset: The biggest problem for computer users around the world was other alphabets.

ASCII's English codice ascii esteso almost accommodates European languages, if accented letters are replaced by non-accented letters or two-character approximations.

Languages with dissimilar basic alphabets could use transliteration. Users were not comfortable with such compromises.


At least 29 variant sets resulted. There was always temptation to make a larger character set preferably by extending a standard character setbut there was no easy path forward.

There was no way to define a universal extension. There was no hardware to print or display an extended set.

The English alphabet was generally useful on computers around the world for programming, operation, and international communication, so extended character sets that added to the original ASCII set were a good idea.

When computers and peripherals standardized on eight-bit bytesit became obvious that computers and software could handle text codice ascii esteso uses character sets at almost no additional cost in programming, and codice ascii esteso additional cost for storage.

ASCII Converter - Hex, decimal, binary, base64, and ASCII converter

Assuming that the unused 8th bit of each byte was not reused in some way, such as error checking, Boolean fields, or packing 8 characters into 7 bytes. An eight-bit character set using one byte per character encodes characters, so codice ascii esteso can include ASCII plus more characters.

But software must be more sophisticated, only accepting or creating valid multi-byte characters, and always treating multi-byte characters as one character whenever counting, copying, comparing, inserting, or deleting characters. Many manufacturers devised 8-bit character sets consisting of ASCII plus up to of the unused codes, with varying degrees of cooperation or coordination by national and international standards bodies.

Drawbacks of multiple 8-bit character sets are that conversion of text data from one character encoding to another transcoding is complex, and almost always has the possibility of changing non-ASCII characters in the text.

Conversion requires a custom map from one character set to the other, or a description of both character sets from which the map can be generated. If any characters in the text are not defined in the destination character set, those characters cannot be codice ascii esteso.

Even one unconvertible character can mean failure of conversion, or the converter can substitute a similar character or characters or a warning character typically "? When characters are substituted, a human should inspect and possibly modify the output text, possibly examining the input text.

Extended ASCII

This later evolved into the widely used regular 8-bit character sets HP Roman-8 and HP Roman-9 as well as a number of variants. The TRS home computer additions included 64 codice ascii esteso characters codice ascii esteso through 0xAF that implemented low-resolution block graphics.

Each block-graphic character displayed as a 2x3 grid of pixels, with each block pixel effectively controlled by one of the lower 6 bits. IBM called such character sets code pages and assigned numbers to both those they themselves invented as well as many invented and used by other manufacturers.


Accordingly, character sets are very often indicated by their IBM code page number.