Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days. By Mo Budlong. Introduction · Week 1 at a Glance · Day 1 - Your First COBOL Program · Day 2 - Using Variables and. Free download of the popular book - Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days. From the Publisher: ACUCOBOL-GT is a year compliant, ANSI COBOL compiler with runtime, debugger, and support utilities, plus ACUCORP's Vision.


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It actually can be used for a wide range of programs and programming problems, but it is most popular for handling traditional business activities. COBOL excels in accounting systems and related activities such as inventory control, retail sales tracking, contact management, commissions, payroll--the list is almost endless.

It is the most widespread commercial programming language in use today. It is English-like and easy to read. This makes it very popular with nonprogrammers. Financial officers frequently can read a section of a COBOL program and understand what it is cobol in 21 days with figures, without having to rely on programmers to interpret the program for them.

With an estimated 80 million lines of COBOL code in use just in the United States, it remains a key cobol in 21 days of choice for business applications.

Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days

Today, the tune has changed remarkably. Nearly every major software and information systems magazine has carried recent articles about the year problem and the need for COBOL programmers to handle the problem.

Major software companies are backing this resurgence with research and development dollars. This cannot be said of other languages, which usually require high intermediate-to-expert experience before you can market that skill. Over the years, thousands of programs cobol in 21 days been written using only a 4 digit date.

Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days

When the computer has to calculate into and beyond the yearall kinds of problems arise. Millions of lines of code have to be corrected before the yearand there are just not enough COBOL programmers available.


The magnitude of the year crisis has caused experienced software experts to predict dire consequences. It is estimated that the cost of fixing the problem will run into the billions of dollars.

Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days

The demand for COBOL programmers increases almost weekly, as more and more companies realize the scope of the year problem and begin to allocate resources for its solution.

Although planning, supervision, and management of a year project requires highly skilled, experienced technicians, there is lots of work that entry-level programmers can do.

In fact, a ComputerWorld cobol in 21 days on the need for training COBOL programmers quotes Sheldon Glasser, a veteran consultant, as recommending that entry-level personnel be used for maintenance work to free up more highly skilled programmers for the more difficult year work.

Other magazines such as Information Technology Training Association and Unisphere have stressed the importance of getting novices trained and productive fast.

I wanted to create a way for students to be able to quickly and easily learn the language, and the feedback in calls and letters as well as media response has been encouraging in this regard.

This book cobol in 21 days being used in college and other courses across the country as well as in businesses and as a home study course.


Although the enormous demand for programmers to fix year problems probably will not continue far into the new millennium, undoubtedly the demand for COBOL programmers will continue.

Many companies are putting off other maintenance cobol in 21 days development that is not crucial in favor of completing their year projects.

Given the amount of money that is being invested in updating and correcting existing COBOL code and the date problems in cobol in 21 days, no one will want to throw away that investment in the near future--which means COBOL is here to stay for another round.

COBOL is also a good general-purpose language and can be used for creating simple or very complex programs.

It has been standardized sinceand learning it on any computer enables you to use it on other computers. He is a systems administrator for a large network of UNIX computers at a major oil company.

He has cobol in 21 days a C purist for years, cobol in 21 days the company has decided to buy a business package in COBOL, and he needed help immediately. COBOL obviously has a long and healthy life ahead of it.