PRODUCT MANAGEMENT. 2. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. 3. MARKET POTENTIAL & SALES. FORECASTING. 4. BRAND MANAGEMENT. how brand management is effective and lecture notes on product and brand management and what is strategic brand management process pdf. Sample Text: Strategic Brand Management Process 1. Identify and establish brand positioning and values 2. Plan and implement brand marketing programs 3.


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Provide feedback benefits to the parent brand Brand extensions can provide positive feedback to the parent brand in several ways: Broader brand meaning is often necessary so brand management notes firms avoid marketing myopia brand management notes do not draw too narrow boundaries around their brand.

When thinking more broadly, marketers can get inspired for different marketing programs and new products.

Enhance the parent brand management notes image: Bring new customers into the brand franchise and increase market coverage: Disadvantages of brand extensions Can confuse or frustrate consumers: If a firm launches extensions that are perceived as inappropriate by consumers, they may question the integrity and competence of the brand.

Can encounter retailer resistance: Can fail and brand management notes parent brand image: However, a failing extension is often not very famous and can therefore not really hurt other brands.

An extension failing on performance hurts other brands most. Can succeed but cannibalize sales of parent brand: Can succeed but diminish identification with any one category: Can succeed but hurt the image of the parent brand management notes Can dilute brand meaning: Can cause the company to forgo the chance to brand management notes a new brand: The positioning of the extension may be less flexible as well.

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Brand management notes how do consumers evaluate extensions? Managerial assumptions Baseline case: This provides the cleanest test of the extension concept and gives managers guidance about whether to proceed, and if so, what type of marketing they need.

Four basic conditions must hold true in order to avoid extension problems: Consumers have some awareness of and positive associations about the parent brand in memory. Otherwise they are unlikely brand management notes form positive associations about the extension.

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At least some of these positive associations will be evoked by the extension. Consumers are likely to infer brand management notes similar in strength, favorability, and uniqueness to the parent brand when they see the extension as similar.


Negative associations are not transferred from the parent brand. Negative associations are not created by the brand extension. Any parent-brand associations that consumers view positively, must not be seen as negatively for the extension.