If you have type B positive blood, there are certain foods that you need While you can eat most fruits on the Blood Type Diet, two varieties to. You're body is pre-programmed to love a vegetarian diet, while Type B's must avoid specific foods such as corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, sesame seeds, and chicken. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT. DAILY ESSENTIALS B. We've combined four of our best-selling type B products into a hard to beat combination that saves you nearly.


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  • The Blood Type Diets: Blood Type B
  • Types of Foods to Avoid for B Positive Blood Type | Healthy Eating | SF Gate
  • Recommended Foods for Blood Type B

Group B blood types were said to arise among nomadic tribes who consumed a lot of dairy products. And since Group AB blood was supposed to have evolved from the intermingling of people with types A and B blood, type AB recommendations were intermediate between those for people with types A blood type diet b positive B blood.

Each of these theories has been challenged. For example, there is evidence that type A was actually the first blood group to evolve in humans, not type O.

Diet not working? Maybe it’s not your type - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

In addition, there is no proven connection between blood type and digestion. So, in addition to a lack of evidence that the diet works, serious questions remain about why it should work in the first place.


Eating based on your blood blood type diet b positive requires you to know your blood type and then follow a restrictive diet. Oils A tablespoons of extra virgin olive blood type diet b positive each day can be beneficial to your health and well-being. Monounsaturated fatty acids may lower your total cholesterol, help normalize blood clotting, benefit insulin levels, and blood sugar control.

Seeds and nuts have an abundance of protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Eating one ounce daily can reduce your risk of heart disease. Beans, peas, and lentils are among the most versatile and nutritious foods available.

They are typically low-fat, and high in fiber, folate, potassium, iron, and magnesium, contain beneficial fats, and soluble and insoluble fiber. The Blood Type B Individualized Lifestyle The mechanics of blood type's influence have to do with the way the genes influence each other, seemingly unrelated, genes located immediately adjacent or nearby.

This mechanism explains why your blood type can have an impact on such a diverse number of bodily systems - from digestive enzymes to neurochemicals.

Types of Foods to Avoid for B Positive Blood Type

Many nutrition experts are baffled when they first hear about the link between blood type and digestion.

That's because they are only considering the physical significance of blood type as a surface antigen. Actually, it's not your blood type antigen that is influencing the blood type diet b positive of acid in your stomach, but rather the gene for your blood type influencing other seemingly unrelated genes located immediately adjacent or very close to the ABO blood type gene that can exert an effect on your stomach acid levels.

This phenomenon, called gene linkage, isn't well understood yet, but it is well known: Many genes influence the actions of other seemingly unrelated genes. As we explore Blood Type B, we will learn more about this intriguing relationship.

Recommended Foods for Blood Type B - AQUA4BALANCE

Pushed from the hot, lush savannahs of eastern Africa to the cold highlands of the Himalayan Mountains, Blood type B may have initially mutated in response to climactic changes. This new blood type was soon characteristic of the great tribes of steppe dwellers, who by this time dominated the Eurasian Plains.

As the Mongolians swept through Asia, the gene for Type B blood was firmly entrenched. The Mongolians swept northward, pursuing a culture dependent upon herding and domesticating animals - as their diet of meat and cultured dairy products reflected.

Stretching as a great belt across the Eurasian plains and down to the Indian subcontinent, Type B is found in blood type diet b positive numbers from Japan, Mongolia, Blood type diet b positive and India up to the Ural Mountains.


From there westward, the percentages fall until a low is reached at the western tip of Europe. The small numbers of Type B in Western Europeans represents western migration by Asian nomadic peoples. This is best seen in the easternmost western Europeans, the Germans and Austrians, who have an unexpectedly high incidence of Type B blood compared to their western neighbors.

Modern sub continental Indians a Caucasian people, have some of the highest frequencies of Type B blood in the world. D'Adamo recommends blood type diet b positive few varieties that you shouldn't eat if you have B positive blood.