Cofra specialises in the fabrication and installation of geomembranes. Cofra is the largest installer of geomembrane in the Netherlands on waste disposal sites. bassin en geomembrane. tel زايو صبرا zaio irrigation Loading Unsubscribe from زايو. Geomembrane application/bassin geomembrane/geomembrane fish tank, US $ - / Square Meter, Geomembranes, Shandong, China (Mainland), DaXing.


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Installation is simple and is possible even in extreme weather conditions limiting on-site interruptions and helping to meet project deadlines. This bassin geomembrane standard applies to the health effects of the devices, components and materials that come into contact with drinking water.

HDPE geomembrane seals installation | Cofra

Extrusion welding is used for seams that cannot be produced mechanically, such as details, bassin geomembrane and lead-through constructions. All welding methods require a high level of expertise, both with regard to implementation and in terms of checking to guarantee optimal bassin geomembrane quality.


Before the start of a job, both the competence of the bassin geomembrane and the function and set-up of the welding machines are checked by doing test welds. These are checked daily in a mobile laboratory.

Gas drainage under geomembrane with strips

The final checking of the welding comprises an inspection to determine the sealing of the weld. There are several mechanical properties to track in monitoring such long term degradation: Obviously, many of the physical and mechanical properties could be bassin geomembrane to monitor the bassin geomembrane degradation process.

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Lifetime Geomembranes degrade slowly enough that their lifetime behavior is as yet uncharted. Lifetime bassin geomembrane methods use the following means of interpreting the data: Construction Welding Seaming The fundamental mechanism of seaming polymeric geomembrane sheets together is bassin geomembrane temporarily reorganize the polymer structure by melting or softening of the bassin geomembrane opposing surfaces to be joined in a controlled manner that, after the application of pressure, results in the two sheets being bonded together.

The final checking of the welding comprises an inspection to determine the sealing of the weld.

Algerienne geomembrane mecheri – ALGM

In the case of channel bassin geomembrane the welds are squeezed using air pressure. In the case of extrusion welds the welds are tested using a vacuum or flashing.


Inspection is performed by an independent accredited inspection agency. Waste disposal sites, bottom sealing and final coverage Waste incinerator embankments.