In mechanical-shaker baghouses, tubular filter bags are fastened onto a cell plate at the bottom of the baghouse and suspended from horizontal beams at the top. Dirty gas enters the bottom of the baghouse and passes through the filter, and the dust collects on the inside surface of the bags.‎Operation · ‎Types · ‎Cleaning considerations · ‎Performance. A cyclone separator works on this principle. If particles different types of bag type fabric filters, design considerations, maintenance of fabric filters. (pulse jet. Bag Filter Schematic Diagram for Bag filter. Dust Collector Single Row of Bags (Sectional view). Working Principle of Bag filter Air along with dust.


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bag filter principle Vibration cleaning should be considered in the selection of cleaning that is not on a short time, because if the cleaning time needed to occupy a substantial portion of the running time, the time to stop filtering braid will account for too much.

There are two cases using the reverse flow cleaning of a filter bag for filtering the outside, the side bag cleaning metal gridlines like supporting the bag to maintain a certain bag filter principle, the use of this cleaning method, filter bags withstand buckling minimal.

Do not use a cloth with blankets. Another is a dust bag filter principle medial layer, such cleaning requires a strong cloth between kg, big bag filter principle hang the bag, the bag will be a little slack. When cleaning the knitted fabric bag may be fixed at the lower end is bent calendar harm, resulting in easy breakage of the filter cloth.


In order to prevent the bag from collapsing after the cloth packed together, to hold up the bag to use the skeleton, can make dust falling down falls freely unhindered hopper. Blowback duration of less than one minute. Cleaning backflush stream has several, some valves disposed in each compartment, with only a wind turbine bag filter principle air-cleaning bag bag filter principle is such that we use brancheach of some compartment has its own cleaning fan, some with the mobile device for plate-shaped or cylindrical bags one by one backflush i.

Improve the bag filter principle effect. Cleaning process is a cleaning chamber from beginning to end, generally seconds, from the end of the cleaning chamber to the first chamber of the second cleaning start cleaning interval. This time depends on the nature of the flue gas, selection of fixed size, fixed length may be a few minutes, tens of seconds set as short, cleaning cleaning interval can be divided into centralized and spaced uniformly spaced two kinds of cleaning, the so-called concentrated cleaning interval cleaning means from the bag filter principle chamber to the last chamber after the end of a cleaning, are all chamber into the filter until bag filter principle next start cleaning, spaced evenly cleaning the chamber after the end of the last cleaning, still the same interval the first time to start cleaning chamber, so a uniform cleaning process cleaning intervals are continuous.

Starting from the cleaning chamber to the process of the first time interval between the start time in this chamber cleaning process, said cleaning cycle, cleaning cycle length depends on the length of the cleaning interval.

Cleaning shortest interval not less than 15 seconds.


Compartment will bag filter principle chamber watched isolation device, which is a poppet valve and the valve plate, closing of the poppet valve requires time less than 2 seconds, preferably 1 second or less, may be more appropriate slow bag filter principle, and closing the valve plate after the valve plate the maximum clearance between the holes does not exceed0.

Characteristics of pulse jet bag filter is in the same dust collecting chamber, each row in turn jet dust bag, and still be filtered while collecting cleaning, i.

This cleaning dust cleared under way, some will be trapped near the bag again. Bag filter principle a large gas capture dust concentration, this phenomenon is more serious, so the jet pulse cleaning bag filter application subject to certain restrictions. It is noted that the main wind speed using a reasonable choice, and bag filter principle the concentration of dust-containing gas temperature.

Bag Filters types ,working principles & daily maintenance - INFINITY FOR CEMENT EQUIPMENT

Of course, the wind speed is also related with cloth material. Ventilator or stop the shutter is closed; Let rapping cleaning system running for some time, in order to remove adsorbed on the dust bag To finally stop the delivery system. Methods for removing collected dust Principles and structures of fabric filters A fabric filter is a dust collection device using a woven or non-woven filter bag bag filter principle filters and collects the dust in process gas.

When the filter cloth is made into a cylindrical-shaped bag and suspended, it is referred to as a baghouse or a fabric bag filter principle.

The inside of a large fabric filter is divided into several compartments.


Each compartment contains several filter bags in which filter cloth sewn into cylindrical shapes is installed. A hopper is provided in the bottom of the compartment to collect the dust removed bag filter principle the filter bags.

The fabric filter dust collection principle is that the dust layer that adheres to and is deposited on the surface of the filter bag and the interior of the filter cloth the primary bag filter principle layer filters and collects the dust contained in the process gas.