La autopista del sur y otros cuentos by Cortazar, Julio and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Reading Notes for "La autopista del sur" ("The Southern Thruway") When we begin Julio Cortázar's short story "The Southern Thruway" the characters are. Julio Cortázar's La Autopista del Sur is an amazing book for at least three reasons: literarily, marketing wise and because it tells some universal.


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This subtle difference indicates what is foreign in the source text but becomes simply another line perhaps the only line of direct speech in the whole text in the translation.

La Autopista Del Sur Y Otros Cuentos: : Julio Cortazar: Books

As in the case of the Italian, Spanish readers would not necessarily understand English; even if they did, it would nonetheless be foreign to them in a way that it is not to the reader of the translation. La Autopista del Sur Matthew Autopista del sur cortazar societieswhich seem out of place, and better suited to an autopista on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.


Instead of French people consuming, say, Argentine products they become French people consuming American products and the Hispanic element is lost completely. Normally, I'm pretty good at making autopista del sur cortazar in the traditional expository form.

Julio Cortazar's Short Stories Reading Notes

Autopista del sur cortazar somehow this material kept eluding my attempts to do so. I thought that it was Julio's writing and I still think that is part of it. Julio's writing is certainly very intellectual, and in that sense it lends itself to conventional scholarly treatment.

But there's something else at the heart of it that always gets away from such treatments, however rewarding they may be at an intellectual level.


There are so many high quality intellectual studies of Julio's work that I didn't want to add my own to the list. Moreover, my connection to his writing was more to that practical heart of his work: So I gave up trying to get away from these feelings, gave up trying to achieve a distance from which I could calmly organize my autopista del sur cortazar about his writing into an arborescent argument with a main thesis, related autopista del sur cortazar and supporting evidence.

I gave in to the need to simply chronicle the experience of reading Julio as I lived my life. I was in Paris trying to soak up the material vestiges of his life when the solution hit me.

I bought several notebooks. Each day, I would take a book of Julio's autopista del sur cortazar the shelf, more or less at random, and start to read in it, more or less at random. As I read, I would begin to record the thoughts and feelings that this reading provoked. If the reading sent me in the direction of another writer, or another story from my own life, I would follow it.

La autopista del sur y otros cuentos

When I got tired, I would draw three little stars in the notebook, put the book back on the shelf and get another and start again. That's how the vast majority of this book was written.

Of course, I typed these sections into the computer, revising as I went and, as autopista del sur cortazar know, I revised further as others responded to the typescript.


Later I included in footnotes - and sometimes here and there in the text itself -- for your information references to relevant interviews with and articles about Julio and his writing.

Now I can see that it wasn't only Julio's writing and my emotional autopista del sur cortazar to it that dictated this unusual form.

La autopista del sur y otros cuentos by Cortazar, Julio | eBay

I would say, rather, that this book is the record of a reading experience in which one reader takes pleasure in discovering the ways in which reading works just like living.

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Some good things were said. However, I have the strong feeling the limited view on participation also limits our abilities to see participation and community building are not as difficult as perceived.

They happen naturally, every autopista del sur cortazar. They are as much part of the human being as the need to breath, eat and be loved.


Our challenge, as cultural institutions, is to understand these natural processes and tap into them, so our audience and we alike benefit from them. Discourse, Subjectivity, Ideology Routledge, 1, 1.

Even if this is the case, this is an element not present autopista del sur cortazar the original text.

It is written in Spanish by an Argentine who autopista del sur cortazar and wrote in France for much of his life and became a citizen and was buried there. It is set in the countryside outside Paris, yet contains many aspects of Argentine and Latin American culture.