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Some have suggested that life could be based on silicon rather than carbon, as it has similar chemistry. Astronomy today 8th edition the liquid could be ammonia or methane rather than water. However, silicon is much less likely to form complex molecules, and liquid ammonia or methane would be very cold, making chemical reactions proceed very slowly.

The Drake equation, illustrated here, is a series of estimates of factors that must be present for a long-lasting technological civilization to arise.

Astronomy Today, 8th Edition

The rate of star astronomy today 8th edition Number of habitable planets per planetary system: Smaller stars have a too-small habitable zone and are prone to violent surface astronomy today 8th edition, and lifetimes of larger stars are too short.

In addition, there are Galactic habitable zones— there must not be too much radiation, or too few heavy elements. Finally, it is very unlikely that a planet in a binary system would have a stable orbit unless it is extremely close to one star, or very far away from both. Fraction of habitable planets on which life actually arises: Experiments suggest that this may be quite likely; on the other hand, it might be extremely improbable!


Fraction of life-bearing planets where intelligence arises: Here we have essentially no astronomy today 8th edition, just speculation and opinion.

Fraction of planets where intelligent life develops and uses technology: Again, we have no facts, but it does seem reasonable to assume that intelligent life will develop technology sooner or later.

Also, we assigned a value of one to several very uncertain factors; even if only one of them is low, the number of expected civilizations drops quickly.

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If the average lifetime of a technological civilization is one million astronomy today 8th edition, there should be a million such civilizations in our Galaxy, spaced about 30 pc, or ly, apart on average.

This means that any two-way communication will take about years if there is in fact a technological civilization light-years or less away from us.

Astronomy Today, 8th Edition

We have already launched interstellar probes. This is a plaque on the Pioneer 10 spacecraft.


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Astronomy Today (8th Edition)

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