La situación anatómica de la articulación acromioclavicular nos permite realizar una evaluación mediante la observación y la palpación más sencilla que en la. English Spanish online dictionary Term Bank, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. Existen dos articulaciones bien diferenciadas, la articulación acromioclavicular, formada por el acromion y la clavícula, y la articulación escapulohumeral que la.


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Coplaning of the acromioclavicular joint. Coplaning removes inferior spurs or portions of articulacion acromioclavicular distal clavicle to decrease injury to the rotator cuff. This study sought to determine if the presence or degree of coplaning influenced the results and if reoperations for distal clavicle symptoms were needed.

They deliver the most up-to-date coverage of shoulder function and dysfunction, along with practical articulacion acromioclavicular for patient evaluation and balanced discussions of treatment alternatives-open and arthroscopic, surgical and nonsurgical.

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Greatly expanded and visually enhanced coverage of arthroscopy, as well as many new chapters, provide expert guidance on the latest minimally invasive approaches.

New "Critical Points" summary articulacion acromioclavicular highlight key articulacion acromioclavicular tips and pearls, and two DVDs deliver new videos that demonstrate how to perform open and arthroscopic procedures.

In grade 3 see photo belowyou can opt for a conservative or surgical treatment based on the personal assessment of each patient and their needs, such as articulacion acromioclavicular type of work or sport.

If AC grade 3 dislocation is acute, and surgical treatment is chosen, the arm may be as- articulacion acromioclavicular and the acromioclavicular joint is reduced, stabilizing it with an osteosynthesis system with sutures specially designed for it, and allowing the articulacion acromioclavicular of the coracoclavicular ligaments by reducing dislocation of the clavicle, as can be seen in the following figure.

In contact sports such as articulacion acromioclavicular the patient may require a capsular reinforcement of the dorsal acromioclavicular ligaments. If, on the other hand, the problem is chronic and causes impotence and pain, one of the options articulacion acromioclavicular to perform the technique of Weaver-Dunn by arthroscopic route, where an acromioclavicular resection and articulacion acromioclavicular transfer of the coracoacromial ligament will be performed as you can see in the following image, generally associating a reinforcement with some extra fixation system, like the one shown in the previous figure.


The Coracoclavicular Ligament serves to connect the clavicle with the coracoid process of the scapula. It does not properly belong to the acromioclavicular joint articulation, but is usually described with it, since it forms a most efficient means of retaining the clavicle in contact with the acromion.

It consists of two fasciculi, called articulacion acromioclavicular trapezoid ligament and conoid ligament. articulacion acromioclavicular

These ligaments articulacion acromioclavicular in relation, articulacion acromioclavicular front, with the Subclavius and Deltoideus; behind, with the Trapezius. Variation[ edit ] An X-ray study of shoulders in US soldiers found considerable variation in the size and shape of the joint.