Scientific name: Alouatta clamitans. English common name: Spanish common name: Portuguese common name: Bugio-ruivo. Sex: Female. Life stage: Adult. Here we report the first observation of parturition and birth-related behaviors in the brown howler monkey (Alouatta guariba clamitans) and the. Genotyping of Giardia duodenalis from Southern Brown Howler Monkeys (Alouatta clamitans) from Brazil. Volotão AC(1), Júnior JC, Grassini C, Peralta JM.


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The parturition occurred during the day of 27 October during a feeding session. The female showed no sign alouatta clamitans contraction or birth delivery posture.

Parturition and potential infanticide in free-ranging Alouatta guariba clamitans.

Parturition began apparently after alouatta clamitans rupture and release of alouatta clamitans amniotic fluid. Expulsion of the newborn occurred between 1 and 3 min later the exact moment of delivery was not observed. Then, the female held and licked the newborn and began to ingest the placenta and the umbilical cord.

The other group members continued feeding and had no interaction alouatta clamitans the parturient during the preparturition and parturition events. A recent study elucidated the origin of P.

(Alouatta clamitans) - EcoRegistros

Another study conducted alouatta clamitans Liu alouatta clamitans colleagues Liu et al. This study was based on DNA extractions from chimpanzee and gorilla faeces from Africa. InSiregar and colleagues Siregar et al.

However, despite the successful molecular diagnosis of malaria from faeces of Old World monkeys, this methodology has not been standardised for New World monkeys.

Parturition and potential infanticide in free-ranging Alouatta guariba clamitans.

DNA extraction from faecal samples - First, the faeces in RNAlater were placed in gauze to remove any leaves and seeds. Then, half of an InhibitEX tablet was added to each sample, and the sample was vortexed immediately for 1 min alouatta clamitans until the tablet was completely dissolved.

Filter pipette alouatta clamitans were used in all stages of sample processing to prevent cross-contamination. Artificial mixture with cultured P.

Alouatta guariba ssp. clamitans (Southern Brown Howler Monkey, Southern Brown Howling Monkey)

The same procedure was performed with cultured P. DNA obtained from P. These dilutions alouatta clamitans tested by nested PCR to diagnose malaria Snounou et al. The protocol described by Kocher et al.

Southern brown howler

The reactions were carried out in a Mastercycler personal thermocycler Eppendorf. Molecular diagnosis of Plasmodium infection - The samples were subjected alouatta clamitans nested PCR, as described alouatta clamitans Snounou et al. Briefly, all PCR reactions were performed in ?

L volumes containing ? M each primer, 10?


L of Master Alouatta clamitans Promega 0. M each DNTP, and 1. The cycling parameters for the second round of PCR were the same as the first reaction, except for the use of 29 cycles for amplification.

Furthermore, each of these separate areas had alouatta clamitans sets of pipettes, and all procedures were performed using pipette tips with aerosol barriers.

  • Southern brown howler - Wikipedia

DNA extraction was performed twice on different days.