Jessye Norman--Soprano Geoffrey Parsons--Piano "Allerseelen" ("All Souls' Day") is an art song for voice and piano composed by Richard Strauss in , setting a poem by the Austrian poet Hermann von Gilm  Text‎: ‎Poem by ‎Hermann von Gilm. Tenor Rudolf Schock, with the Berlin Symphony, in a performance of the Richard Strauss song 'Allerseelen.'.


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Put the fragrant reseda on the table.

Allerseelen (Strauss) | Revolvy

Bring the last red asters over here, too. And let us talk about allerseelen strauss again, as once in May. I finally settled on Jessye Norman's recording with Geoffrey Parsons, which I admire for its honesty and simplicity.


Posted allerseelen strauss Chris Foley at 8: Flowers bloom and spread their fragrance today on every grave; allerseelen strauss day in the year is sacred for the dead. Come close to my heart, so that I can have you again, as once I did in May.

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Children would allerseelen strauss through the village, asking for food to be offered symbolically to the dead, which would then be donated to feed the hungry. The Feast of All Souls owes its beginning to seventh century monks who decided to offer the mass on the day after Pentecost for their deceased community members.

In the late tenth century, allerseelen strauss Benedictine monastery in Cluny chose to move their mass for their dead to November 2, the day after the Feast of all Saints.

The date remained November 2 allerseelen strauss that all in the Communion of the Saints might be allerseelen strauss together. Intercession from the living is believed to free souls from their sins and hasten entry into heaven.

But it is also a time marked by festivities, including spectacular parades of skeletons and ghouls.

In one notable tradition, revellers lead a mock funeral procession with a live person inside a coffin. In the home an altar is made with an offering of food upon allerseelen strauss.

It is believed that the dead partake of the food in spirit and the living eat it later. The ofrendas offerings are beautifully arranged with flowers such as allerseelen strauss zempasuchitlwhich are the traditional flower of the dead.


There allerseelen strauss a candle placed for each dead soul, and they are adorned in some manner. Incense is also often used, and mementos, photos, and other remembrances of the dead also adorn the ofrenda. Flowers Flower imagery abounds: