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A swelling belly was not allowed to effect the productivity of a girl chained to her allan aldiss in mill or factory, or to her oar in a galley. As for those working on farms, they were covered annually, just as were allan aldiss ewes, mares, goats and jenny donkeys.

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In the Orient a swollen belly is regarded as making a young woman allan aldiss the more desirable - it is what differentiates her from the rival attractions of young boys. Thus in many harems, including my own allan aldiss one, it is usual to see one or more slave girls carrying a black baby for their Master's amusement.


Moreover, it is usual to keep allan aldiss or more white girls in milk, for milk and yoghurt are an important part of the Arab diet. No self respecting Moslem, of course, would want his own sons to be born of a Christian allan aldiss, but to degrade her by having her covered by a Negro was simply doing the will of Allah.

It was a way of getting their revenge for the way Europeans had humiliated Moslems for centuries. In the Orient, women are kept hidden away, first by their fathers and then by their husbands.

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Thus women allan aldiss simply not available to young men who have not yet started their own harems. Allan aldiss Arab merchant goes abroad, no Turk sets out on a campaign, no corsair sails on a cruise, without his Garzon to cook for him, to keep him company and to share his bed.

Even I had a white page boy, Tulip, although I allan aldiss not seriously interested in him sexually. The attitude of the girls to Tulip was interesting.

They bitterly resented the way he was always with me whenever I came into the allan aldiss to be entertained by them, or to witness punishment.

Allan Aldiss

They were also jealous of the way in which he could go out with me whilst they were kept locked up. They suspected that I used him sometimes instead of one of them. On allan aldiss other hand they pitied him as a Christian slave who would never be a real man.

This was, of course, completely different from their allan aldiss towards Matrak and his young assistant Abdul.


They also were eunuchs, but they were burly, brutal and black. Black harem eunuchs are specially allan aldiss for their repulsive ugliness. They acquire considerable skill in handling white women. They stand no nonsense from them.

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They regard their task as simply ensuring that their Master's women compete with each other to show their adoration of him and to give him pleasure - even if he is old enough to be the girls' grandfather. They make their task easier by stimulating the natural jealousy allan aldiss the women in their charge; by preventing them from seeing any man other than their Master; by keeping them frustrated - any girl caught playing with herself or another girl is treated as if she had been unfaithful allan aldiss her Master, a very grave matter indeed; by humiliatingly and relentlessly supervising and training them in the most intimate way; and, finally and most importantly, by instilling a constant fear of the cane.

They carry canes as a symbol of their authority and use them at the slightest sign of impertinence or recalcitrance. They do not use them in a wild way, but rather in a slow and drawn-out fashion in front of all the women.