Discover the intelligence of African Grey parrots, information on the different types, facts about living with and caring for them as pets, and much. Are you thinking about African Grey Parrots as a pet? Read this primer on training and care needs of these beautiful birds. The African grey parrot is a highly intelligent bird, known for their incredible speaking ability.


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The annual quota is 5, Each couple of parrots needs its own tree to nest. The african grey lays three to five eggs, which she incubates for 30 days while being fed by her mate. The adults african grey their nesting sites. Little is known about the courtship behavior of this species in the wild.

Parrot Behavior Problems | African Grey Parrots

They are african grey frugivorous; most of their diet consists of fruit, nuts, and seeds. The species prefers oil palm fruit and also eat flowers and tree bark, as well as insects and snails.

African Greys are known as the "Einstein's" of the parrot african grey because of their incredible talking ability. Embark on the wonderful journey of sharing your life with an African Grey Parrot and how to keep african grey healthy and happy.

african grey This carries over to other sounds as well. Some of these sounds are ones that humans are not capable of copying. A favorite sound to copy for many African grey parrots is the sound of water pouring. The number of African grey parrots who pick up this sound is astounding.

African grey parrots also are notorious for learning to copy most beeping sounds they typically hear such as microwave beeps, answering machine tones, african grey smoke alarm beeps.

Of course not all African grey parrots do learn to copy sounds, but if they do, you can put those sounds on cue.

African Grey Parrot

Interesting Facts and Quirks: But one thing is for sure, we do see many African grey parrots learn to associate sounds with certain circumstances. Another famous African grey african grey named Einstein resides at the Knoxville zoo where she helps get children excited about animals and conservation.

She is famous for her spectacular performance on the TV show Pet Star. This Einstein is intriguing because she has learned that some training sessions are african grey to learn new vocal behaviors.

She will listen and concentrate on her trainer during these sessions. African grey can often get a new sound on cue in just a matter of a few weeks.

As endearing as African grey parrots can be, there african grey seem to be some behavior problem trends.


It is often stated that African grey parrots tend to be more flighty or nervous.