THE SEVEN STEPS TO FREEDOM. Facing the truth about ourselves and the world around us, we decided we needed to change. Realizing there is a Power. Now you are ready to start going through the Steps to Freedom in Christ. The following seven steps will help you experience freedom from your past. You will. Seven Simple Steps to Personal Freedom is a powerfully affirming, to Lose; The Seventh Step: Rejecting the Slavery of Security; Part II: Free at Last.


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Is it the water bottle? Have you found ways to increase the value you can add to others?

Ben Suarez - 7 Steps to Freedom II | Biz Tutorials - Your Source For Free Knowledge

Do you need to retool yourself and switch to a different industry? What are the ways you can add more value and grow more so you can give more? Save in fees and taxes. Have you found a way to invest with greater returns without undue risk?

Seven Steps to Freedom II: How to Escape the American Rat Race by Benjamin D. Suarez

Have you reviewed any of the portfolios that are here that might enhance your earnings and protect you from those gut- wrenching downturns in the market?

Change your life— and improve your lifestyle.


Have you considered a new location with an even better lifestyle? Have you decided on asset allocation so that you never put yourself in a position to lose too much?

PDF Download 7 Steps to Freedom II How to Escape the American Rat Race PDF Online

Not all your eggs are in one basket, right? Are you diversifying with different types of investments within the Security Bucket? Have you decided what percentage of your savings or investment capital 7 steps to freedom ii go in the Security Bucket?

Have you evaluated your actual risk tolerance effectively?

7thstep | 7 STEPS

Did you take the test developed by Rutgers http: Have you considered your stage of life and whether you should be more or less aggressive based on the length 7 steps to freedom ii time you have to save and invest? Have you evaluated the amount and size of your cash flow and whether that will play a role in your level of conservativeness or aggressiveness in your asset allocation?

Have you come up with a list of short- term and long- term goals for your Dream Bucket that excite you?

Rebalancing and dollar- cost averaging: Are you consistently committing the same amount of money to investments regardless of whether the market 7 steps to freedom ii moving up or down?

PDF [FREE] DOWNLOAD 7 Steps to Freedom II: How to Escape the American Rat Race BOOK ONLINE

Remember, timing the market never works. Are you continually rebalancing your portfolio, or do you have a fiduciary doing this for you?

Either way, 7 steps to freedom ii is crucial to optimizing returns and minimizing volatility. Create a Lifetime Income Plan 1. The power of All Seasons: Have you taken the time to read, understand, and take action on the powerful insights that Ray Dalio gave us with his All Seasons approach?

Have you done the most important thing of all?