Three teenagers are researching how the modern world has been impacted by the Dark Ages. They meet the Librarian who guides them through a journey of. Inventions is an award-winning international science and cultural heritage organisation that raises awareness of the creative golden age of Muslim  ‎Books · ‎Library of Secrets · ‎School Education · ‎London. As someone who is interested in and has written about history, I'm extremely irritated by the fact that in recent years many inventions have been  Missing: ‎| ‎Must include: ‎


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The View 10001 inventions Spain Following the fall of Rome inmodern 10001 inventions and the southern half of France was occupied by the Visigoths, who adopted Latin as the lingua franca, left most of the Roman systems of government in place and eventually adopted Christianity.

Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham | Inventions

As they changed very little and were almost a continuation of Roman rule, they left relatively few documents or examples of art and architecture for posterity.

Muhammad began preaching Islam in and a century later, after conquering the Arab peninsula and North Africa, the Umayyad Muslims crossed the Straits of Gibraltar and conquered almost the whole of Visigoth Hispania in less than a decade. They received their first setback inwhen they were defeated by Charles Martell at the Battle of Tours just south of Paris.

The Franks began their pushback and Barcelona was retaken in and what is now known as Catalunya Vella or Old Catalonia was distributed among a number of Counts. The reason why this period was dark 10001 inventions that these were difficult times and the fact that the threat of Muslim attack was always present made it 10001 inventions to establish stable systems of 10001 inventions.


Furthermore, due to attacks by Muslim pirates based in Mallorca, maritime trade was virtually impossible until the Catalans took the island in Having said that, whenever the Catalans felt their territory was secure, they built churches and one can 10001 inventions trace 10001 inventions confidence of the culture by 10001 inventions visiting the 9th century early Romanesque churches in the Pyrenees and then going on to the magnificent Gothic Monastery of Poblet, which was built in the s.

The Myth of the Magical Muslims In the next section of the film, the librarian takes the children into the library, and Harry Potter-style magic takes over.


Kingsley is transformed with beautiful flourish from 10001 inventions English librarian into the exotic turban wearing historical figure of Al-Jazari. This is pretty impressive stuff and calls on subconscious associations the exhibition title has with Arabian Nights, Open Sesame and Aladdin.

You can see that the children on the screen are enthralled. But in a civilisation that stretched from Spain to China, the golden rays of discovery and invention shone over everything. This is that the vast areas of the world under Muslim control incorporated the knowledge of previous civilisations, such as the Chinese, Hindus, Byzantines, Egyptians and Persians, under one or sometimes various 10001 inventions rulers.

List of inventions in the medieval Islamic world - Wikipedia

For example, it is pretty clear that the Translation Movement, which is rightly lauded as a highly enlightened project and was sponsored by the Abbasid Dynasty, was initially borne out of the political necessity of ruling over so many different languages.

The House of Wisdom, which was founded in Abbasid Bagdhad in was modelled on the earlier Christian Academy of Gondishapur, and most of the scholars employed there were Christians. Similarly, the physicians of the Abbasid Caliphs were 10001 inventions Assyrian Christians, 10001 inventions brought knowledge that had been translated from Greek into Syriac and would later be translated into Arabic by state-sponsored translators.

This is difficult because the idea of the Islamic Golden Age is almost as difficult to define as the concept of the Dark Ages. There is no unambiguous definition of term, and depending on whether it is used with a focus on cultural or on military achievement, it may be 10001 inventions to refer to rather disparate time spans.


During the early 20th century, the term was used only occasionally, and often referred to the early military successes of the Rashidun caliphs. It was only in the second half of the 20th century that the term came to be used with any frequency, now mostly referring to the cultural flourishing of science and mathematics under the caliphate during the 9th to 11th centuries between the establishment of organised scholarship in the House of Wisdom and the beginning of the crusadesbut often extended to include part of the late 8th or the 12th to early 13th centuries.

Definitions may still vary considerably. The reason for this is because various projects such as the Translation Movement or the House of Wisdom clearly received state sponsorship so, despite the diverse cultures and peoples involved, they were inspired and propelled by the Muslim governments 10001 inventions the day.

However, Islamic apologists, such as the Inventions exhibition, seem to take Muslim civilisation as any object invented, text written or idea thought at any time in history in any country that has ever been Muslim for however a short 10001 inventions period.

Inventions - Discover a Golden Age, Inspire a Better Future | Inventions

When myth mingles with science and rumor becomes history. Christian 10001 inventions describes his visit to the exhibition in Washington in August He is particularly aware that Inventions is nothing more than slick propaganda and 10001 inventions concerned about the brainwashing effects it has on his children.

Indeed, language throughout the exhibit, as we shall see, becomes a way to trick attendees.